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Why Does The Violin Sound So Good?

Music played on the violin sounds beautiful, even the most rock and roll song can have a soothing and calming instrumental version with a violin lead. The instrumental version of ‘sweater weather’ and other pop songs, especially those featured in and popularized by the time period drama series, ‘Bridgerton’, have raised the question in the comments of these videos, ‘why does violin sound so good?’ The violin is an extremely powerful instrument with a full and vibrating acoustic sound and requires a specific skill set to play it, which differs from region to region. For example, in South East Asia, the violin is played in a certain manner and produces a different sound as compared to the way the violin is played in the West. This is the beauty of the violin, an inclusive musical instrument which allows itself to be incorporated into any culture and musical style.

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According to a MIT study conducted in 2015, researchers found that a key feature affecting the sound of a violin is its very design. The shape and length of its holes through which the air escapes is crucial, as the more elongated, instead of round, these holes are, the more sound a violin can produce, adding to its power and volume.

However, the most important reason a violin sounds as beautiful as it does is the skill and efficiency of its player, the melody is the personification of the hours and hours of practice the violinist has put in to master the craft. A violin has the potential to sound extremely shrill and scratchy if played by an amateur and unskilled set of hands hence, the reason a violin sounds so good is due to the mastery of its players. Furthermore, it is also commonly believed that a violin’s pitch and tone correspond most closely to the human voice hence, has the ability to express emotion as humans.