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Types Of Motion Graphics

Motion graphics have come a long way since their early beginnings as basic titles or lower thirds. The art and animation of motion graphics is a constantly evolving style that allows us to create visually stunning pieces. With the help of modern technology, today’s motion graphic designers can bring moving images to life like never before. But with so many different types of motion graphics out there, it can be hard to track them all. Here are a few types of motion graphics. Explainer videos are short, easy-to-understand video content explaining how a product works. Of all the types of motion graphics, the explainer video is one of the most widespread. You will see this in companies’ feeds because they have services or products that need clarification. Explainer videos are required when you want to sell a product or service that is not very easy. This does not mean that there is something wrong with your product. On the contrary, it gives you more opportunities to present exciting and shareable graphic videos to your audience. Some products need a little more guidance on how to use them, but that is just more opportunity to interact with customers.

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To make a brand more memorable, a mobile logo can do the job. With your logo, you can customize its layout to create an eye-catching animation. Remember that all motion graphics are still images processed to create motion. For example, if your logo is circular, you can twist or rotate them before stitching them together to create the final image.

Much like an explainer video, an instructional video shows the viewer how to use the product. Using motion graphics for this type of video means that the video is guaranteed to be eye-catching and full of personality. Instructional videos also get a lot of search volume and help customers decide on a particular product. So, every brand needs it as part of its marketing campaigns. Keep it simple when choosing a color scheme, design style, and other elements for the instructional video. Motion graphics videos look good when they are simply because the focus is on the product.