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Trend in Design

There are many types of different trends in design which attract youngsters towards it. The first and most famous is the cottage aesthetic which mainly consists of softcore aesthetic. It is derived from the women who used to live in the villages and mostly wear white frocks with layers on top of it. There is also a bandana attached to their heads to help them keep their hair in place during working time. Many youngsters love these type of trend which they think are a way to express their creative side to the world. The second most famous trend right now is the VSCO girl which is a simple look with short and cute crop tops and high waisted blue jeans.

The accessories which go with it are the scrunchies and cute headbands. A soft-girl aesthetic is also on the rise with its sweet and innocent look. Light makeup with fake butterflies or hearts drawn up on the face is a must. The look is completed with baggy cute clothes and a huge headphone case. It is the opposite of the dark colored trend in the 2010s where the teenagers opted for e-girl trend more. Light-dark academia is also a trend which alot of people follow and it is related to books and people who are into reading. People normally wear brown colored clothes with formal coats and jackets. This is a trend which is followed by intelligent and blessed youngsters who lose themselves in the world of reading. The trends that keep up with the everyday stuff are the ones that need to be continued. It is important that you keep up with the necessary updates and ensure that this brings a twist in the fashion industry of Pakistan. Furthermore, these fashion trends ensure a statement that can be worn by multiple people and ornamented by others.