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The Influence of Colleen Hoover

The new literary world has revolved a lot with the introduction of new authors such as Sally Rooney, Colleen Hover and Tessa Bailey. The world has seen a new influx of romantic comedies with writers from diverse backgrounds actually leaving an influence over them. This is exactly why Colleen Hoover has been extremely famous for what she has been doing. She has had a major impact on a lot of people, however, the impact has been somewhat controversial.

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An American novelist named Colleen Hoover has a large following of hopeful college students who become lost in the realm of words. Colleen is a fantastic writer who writes on social issues and sheds light on themes that are seen as being too taboo. “It ends with us” is her most well-known book, which spent a lot of time at the top of the charts. It tells the tale of a little girl named Lily, whose violent father beat her mother often while she was growing up. Her rock throughout this trying period is a homeless boy who lives next door to her house in an abandoned house. Together, they confront their troubles and demons and encourage one another.

Sadly, they split up, but they later reunite as adults. After an unfortunate incident causes them to part ways, they subsequently reunite as adults, where the narrative continues. Millions of persecuted individuals may now talk about their experiences and realize that they are not alone thanks to this book. Later, Colleen acknowledged that her mother’s account of going through the same thing served as the inspiration for her novel. It ultimately became a best-selling book for a very long period. Ugly Love is her second-best-selling novel. This is the ideal book to make you cry uncontrollably if you’re seeking one to do so.