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Sri Lankan Food

If you are tired of the same old variants that your psychological menu offers you and you want to experience an entirely new cuisine that you have never tried before, then it may be time for you to delve into the experience of Sri Lankan food. Granted you may find it a bit spicier than your regular cuisines but once you get a taste of that delicious flavor, the chili will be the last thing that you will be thinking about.

To start you off, you can try Sri Lankan seafood. Just as you would expect from an Island in the Indian Ocean, it has one of the most mesmerizing tastes in seafood cuisine. Fish Ambul Thiyal or Sour fish curry is especially known for its goraka, a spice found in Sri Lanka that gives the fish its flavor. Next up on the list would be kottu. It is to Sri Lankans what hamburgers would be to most people. Go-to-street food that serves the purpose on the road while also offering a mouthwatering taste. Kottu is basically chopped-up pita bread served with some of the chef’s special ingredients along with anything of your particular liking to cater to your individual taste buds offering you the most mind-boggling experience out there.

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Kukul Mas curry or chicken curry is a traditional household dish in Sri Lanka. The locals may not consider it too high on the list of foods that Sri Lanka is famous for because perhaps they are too used to the dish. However, if you are ever visiting a Sri Lankan restaurant or have the opportunity to try the local cuisine, this is something that you would not want to miss on. It is always nice to try out food from other cultures and of course, you may like some, you may not like some, but having tried many different dishes, you are sure to pick out at least a few more exquisite favorites.