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Spending Time With Family

Spending time with family seems like something that we do every day without
even thinking about it, but it’s actually not that easy for everyone. For example,
most teenagers spend less time with their parents as they grow older, aware or
unaware of it, it just comes with age. They tend to spend more time with their
friends or just alone and start to distance themselves by sitting in their rooms
instead of with their family. If not teens, families who just generally aren’t close
or are too busy to spend time with each other should try and make the effort to bond.

You don’t need to go out to a fancy restaurant or book a holiday to become closer
to your family, just sitting together and watching a movie or even just telling jokes
and chatting can bring you all closer together. You could try and host something
like a game night or a movie night and ask everyone to come in advance. That
way, you can all settle for a time everyone is free if you’re a busy family. You
could go out for dinner, go to the beach, visit a relative, anywhere, even stay at
home, as long as you try your best to interact with your family members. Even
things like solving puzzles and doing work together with your family can make you
all happy, and make your task seem less difficult when you have people you love
around you.

So, just put your phone down for a bit, don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere! Go
see what your siblings are doing, annoy them as much as you can. Go give your
give your parents a hug, go help out your grandparents, go play with your little cousins.
Family are a key part of our lives who will stay with us forever, unlike friends and
classmates, so we have to make sure we have healthy relationships with them.