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Skills That Aren't Taught In School

School is great for education but, at some point, you will realize that there is a lot that your school has failed to teach you. These are very important life skills that you need to learn but the schools and the education system simply fail to incorporate these things into your school’s curriculum. This might be because they do not find the right staff, that subject is considered a taboo in the social norms of that society, or simply because they do not have the budget for adding those less popular courses. All the same, you still need that part of education.

One such subject would be sex education. If your school holds this program, consider yourself one of the lucky ones because in many places the subject is considered to be inappropriate for school. At some point in life, almost everyone is going to have to engage in sexual activity, and having the right education for it is only good for the safety of children. Next, unless you are pursuing finance or accounting, there is a good chance that you are not educated on how to do your taxes. It is usually something passed down from generation or something you learn after making mistakes or paying to consult a specialist.

Taxation is a part of every individual’s life in the capitalist structure of society and not being educated on the matter is a major disadvantage. Similarly, many skills that would help you at home are not taught at school. These may include one of the most basic skills in life: cooking. Cooking for sustenance is one of the healthiest and budget-friendly activities that an individual that is just starting out can practice. However, many schools consider this to be too difficult a class to incorporate into every student’s curriculum. These skills eventually need to be learned at home.