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Penelope Douglas is a well known and a famous author and her book has been translated into 17 languages which is a huge accomplishment. She mostly writes dark romance and main characters which are hard to love but we all relate to them. They are the true reflection of what we all are sometimes and the truth of every human desires. Her book ‘Punk 57’ is the story of a girl named Ryen who is a popular girl in her school and bullies people frequently. In her preschool she was pen pals with a guy named Misha who lives away from her house. They both become best friends but never see each other. Only Misha knows the real self of Ryen that she is a sweet girl and is afraid to be an outsider so she bullies people to fit in the mean girls group. She feels trapped in her ugly skin until Misha transfers into her school to make her a better person.

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The reason this book was so appreciated worldwide was due to the fact that Ryen was a very relatable person to all of us as we all suffer from the harsh realities of the world. Misha becomes her support system and makes sure she is heard and loved. Her most famous series ‘The Devil’s Night’ follows the story of Erika who is attracted to her boyfriend’s older brother who is every girl’s nightmare. Michael is a famous basketballer and never bat an eye to Erika until his brother goes to the military and she is left alone in college. His friends have unpaid business with Erika but what will happen when Michael listens to his feelings? Will Erika be able to survive Michael and his friends or this is going to be her darkest nightmare?