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How to Combat Dry Skin

Dry, flaky skin is one of the most uncomfortable yet common conditions that people suffer seasonally. This natural occurrence can be easily combated if you feel the need to do so through the following steps:

  • Hydration – The most important step to healthy skin is to hydrate it from the inside instead of applying a host of creams on it externally, as these chemical products are not a good enough substitute for the natural resource of water. Not drinking enough water can make your skin even more susceptible to dryness than it already is.
  • Moisturize – especially after washing your skin, as washing strips the skin off of its natural oils, so it is essential to replace them. Use natural oil or moisturizing lotion.
  • Limit the length of your showers – the same logic used above also applies here. Although a long, warm shower feels heavenly when it is cold outside, washing strips your skin of its natural oils, which makes it more susceptible to dryness and flakiness.
  • Limit your use of exfoliates – Exfoliators remove the dead skin cells from your face due to scrubbing however, overdoing it will also dry out the natural oils from your skin, which will make your skin look dry and red.
  • Wear gloves – it is very important to protect your hands as it is very common for the skin on your hands to dry out.
  • Use a humidifier – A humidifier helps to add moisture back into the air, reducing the time you spend in dry air lacking moisture, especially when sitting in front of the heater or using indoor heating.


Whether your weather is hot or cold, when the air is dry, that’s when dry skin begins to be a problem. It is important to realize that dry, flaky, itchy skin is very common and the majority of people suffer from it at one point or another.  There is no reason to feel insecure about it, and you can even take these steps to find some relief.