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Hair Relaxing VS Hair Straightening

You may read the term and realize that hair straightening or relaxing is more like a term that has to do with using a straightener but you are wrong. Straightening your hair with iron is different as compared to getting a procedure done. This article will talk about the differences between the two.

Hair relaxing and straightening is a chemical process in which you can alter the chemical bonds of your hair. Our hair is curled with hydrogen bonds giving many people the wavy and curly hair look. Beauty influencers have marketed the straightening of hair to such an extent that it is somewhat scary. However, with the rise of social media and a love for self-exploration, people have started realizing that it is much better to love your hair the way they are. On a closer look at hair relaxing, the hair bonds are relaxed which gives a fuller yet straightened look. However, for the hair straightening the hair bonds are completely broken which ensures a dead straight hair look.

Many people ask if they can carry out these procedures at home. Yes, you can but the real issue lies with the method. People who use these methods at home sometimes end up ruining their hair as the process requires extra love and attention. The chemicals on the hair may even burn up your hair follicle so it is important that you get it done through a hair professional. Another frequently asked question is if there is a difference between hair straightening and hair relaxing. Hair straightening uses harsh chemicals that ensure your hair turns into a completely straightened look while hair relaxing is more like an easy process that just relaxes your hair and ensures that a fuller hair look is achieved with minimal damage to the hair.