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Fujii Kaze: An Artist to Watch

Fujii Kaze is an up-and-coming artist that has taken the world by storm with his smooth vocals and beautiful storytelling. Coming from a Japanese background, he has managed to connect with fans worldwide, all of whom flock to the art he creates, finding it relatable regardless of their cultural background. His most famous song, ‘Shinunoga E-Wa’ went viral on TikTok, specifically the chorus. What seems to be a love song at first glance, ends up being incredibly impactful, simply because of how vividly it speaks about the topic, not shying away from it.

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So who exactly is Fujii Kaze? He grew up listening to all sorts of genres as a child, jazz, classical, and pop. When he hit the age of 12, he started to upload videos on YouTube where he would play the piano and occasionally do vocal performances. Although more trained in piano, he couldn’t deny how much he liked singing, allowing him to pursue it consistently. His first album ‘Help Ever Hurt Never’ in 2020, was nominated for several awards, alongside most of his other discography as well. It contained songs like ‘SAYONARA Baby’, which distinctly reflect a lot of pop music standards, being a mostly upbeat song with an extremely catchy melody, something audiences can easily sing with him in concerts.

It also had songs like ‘Mo-Eh-Wa’, which is a song more so on the calmer side. It’s paced slightly slower, a song that people can enjoy without it becoming center stage. The soft piano mixes within the song are reminiscent of his training in piano, which still takes a large place in most of his songs. More recently, he’s released a second album called ‘LOVE ALL SERVE ALL’ which has huge hits like ‘Matsuri’. The song is entirely centered around his idea of spreading love and optimism, while still being catchy and original.