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Children’s Wellbeing

Childhood is one of the most innocent and malleable times of our lives. It is very easy to develop certain healthy habits in childhood, and to break unhealthy habits in childhood, than in adulthood when the habits become a bit more firm and stuck and it is very difficult to alter your daily routine to accommodate some new healthy habits at the expense of easier unhealthy ones. Healthy habits will ensure both physical and mental wellbeing as they are both connected to a massive extent. This article outlines some very simple healthy habits which most adults struggle to develop, so instead, they should be instilled in children to make them permanent by the time we reach adulthood, and to ensure the wellbeing of children as well. With these habits, a healthy and happy childhood will be ensured.

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The first thing to do of course is develop a pattern of healthy eating. This can be made very attractive for children by using the fruit and vegetable rainbow, a concept used to encourage children to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables by asking them to eat fruits and vegetables of different colors to complete a rainbow. Moreover, children love and crave the feeling of independence. Encourage children to make healthy choices for themselves by drinking water instead of juice or cold drinks and buying healthy options in school instead of an abundance of sweets.

Make sure to shower them with praise and healthy, positive affirmations when they make smart choices to instill these habits and promote confidence and self love from a young age. Secondly, reduce screen time and increase the time dedicated to physical activity, which can be very fun for children as they can engage in a number of games and sports. Again, this will ensure their physical and mental wellbeing.

Moreover, it is easier to get into bed in a timely manner as a child due to parental pressure than as an adult with a multitude of responsibilities and procrastination. Develop the habit of a full night’s sleep at a young age and most importantly, have a balance in your life.