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Cage the Elephant

Cage the Elephant is an American rock group that was founded in a small town called Bowling Green, in Kentucky. They consist of the lead singer Matt Shultz, the guitarist Brad Shultz, the drummer Jared Champion, and bassist Daniel Tichenor, all of whom combine to create a wonderful type of sound. So far, they’ve made seven studio albums under their belt and are becoming very famous for their upbeat live shows and varied musical taste. This combines different elements of hard rock, and garage rock, which is known to have a sort of distorted sound.

Some of their most heard songs are Too Late to Say Goodbye, Come a Little Closer, and Social Cues, all famous for encapsulating their sound into beautiful little snippets. For their fourth studio album, “Tell Me I’m Pretty,” Cage the Elephant won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album, garnering praise from critics and admirers alike, many of whom actually became avid fans of the band after learning about them at the ceremony.

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The band Cage the Elephant is now most commonly known for its psychedelic and garage rock-influenced sound. When breaking their music down, it’s amazing to see how energetic and dynamic sound is distinguished by a unique blend of distorted guitar riffs, pounding drum rhythms, and unfiltered, loud, and intense vocals. Blending a variety of musical styles into their songs, including punk, blues, and classic rock, is something they’re well known for. Their specific sound is one that doesn’t really quite fit into any one genre, mixing and borrowing from a bunch of them. Also, when it comes to the lyrics of their songs, they frequently provoke thinking and address issues like social criticism, heartbreak, and self-discovery. ‘Cold Cold Cold’, one of their most famous songs, is also about the horrifying experiments done on human beings a few decades ago.