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All About Hair Care

We all know how everyone is literally complaining about how weak and brittle their hair feels. This is because of frequent hair straightening and everyday hair treatments. These treatments are known to damage the hair follicles and ruin the overall health and quality of the hair. This article will let you know of all the ways that will help you to grow your hair in ways that just feel really easy yet work like a charm.

The first thing that you need to do is ensure that you oil your hair. Oiling your hair every day will help your hair to extract the natural moisture from the hair and not feel brittle or weak. Oiling also gets rid of any dandruff or dry patches on the head. You could also use a mixture of different oils to ensure that your hair gets all the desired nutrients. Furthermore, it is important to realize that everyday heat can greatly damage the hair follicle. This happens when you treat your hair frequently and the hair has no other option than to be frizzy and dry.

Another very important life hack is to use mayonnaise on the top of your hair. Using mayonnaise will help your hair to gain proteins. It is necessary to note that mayonnaise is made up of eggs so you’re basically applying all the protein over your head without actually having to smell your hair like an egg. Apply mayonnaise for like 10-12 mins and then wash it off with a good shampoo. You can also try using different hair masks that are rich in protein and keratin. Hair care is not a magical step. You need different kinds of hair treatments that ensure and improve the quality and hair strength of the hair. Furthermore, use a silk pillow that reduces friction between the hair and improves hair quality.