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A Guide Towards Life

Like every other human being here on Earth, we long for friendships, love, success, health, and travel; to have lived in general. But however big or small our dreams are, we become challenged in our daily lives by certain issues, thoughts, etc. How then can we overcome some of these life hurdles? I will address some of life’s rules that cut across various aspects, from business to happiness to friendships and more.

Do not take anything at face value. Examine its reality, your obligation to it, and whether it works for you. Unfortunately, we frequently adopt other people’s truths as our own, even when they are self-serving and counterproductive. This generation is better at it than previous ones. Never accept the current quo or listen to those who say you can’t do it. Practice self-acceptance, and discover what this means for you. When you place yourself last, make judgments of yourself, or reject what your body and mind are telling you, you are setting yourself up for failure. Always embrace and love others! Of course, there are caveats, but let’s suppose those are self-evident. Although it may sound cliche, we are all human beings in need of love and acceptance. The more you give, the more you receive. As previously stated, let it go.

Holding on to pain, past mistakes or outdated ways of thinking saps our energy, causes stress, and prevents us from reaching our goals. Make long-term, short-term, and everyday goals. Make a note of them. Visualize and be ready to update as necessary. Strive not to reinvent the wheel. There are already enough imitators out there riding on the bandwagon of others. There are countless possibilities to make a difference. Look for something distinctive and distinguishing that will provide you with the most personal satisfaction. Finally, be your own best buddy. Friends, family, and boyfriends/girlfriends are all wonderful, and one may have some of the best individuals as a support system. However, the more time you spend on this planet, the more you learn to appreciate the things you can do for yourself. I’ve discovered that the higher my standard of care, the more I have grown to expect (and hence receive) from others.